This APP offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of security and coexistence, among which the most relevant are:



Emergency Messages

Sending of emergency messages* : This will arrive with a maximum of three to five seconds to the command unit of the Local Police (*only for registered users)

Differentiated according to their typology (See image):

  • Medical emergency
  • Fire / Accident
  • Threat / Harassment
  • Gender Violence

Importance and need to update the registration of our data in the application

When we send an emergency message, we have 3 seconds to cancel it. Three seconds later, the Police Command Center will receive the emergency message. Then, the Local Police will launch any necessary resources. Here is the importance of being sure that it is about you, and not someone else (even if it acts for you), who is asking for help.

Sending incidences

You can send an incidence to any of the territories adhered to the “M7 Citizen Security” project.

We can send an incidence to the Local Police with a description of this, as well as optionally incorporate an image taken at the time or from the gallery, and the location of the incidence, by dragging the icon of the map to the place indicated. By default, you will find your city.

We can send an incidence to the Local Police with a description of this, and attach, optionally, a photo taken at the moment or from our gallery. It is possible to indicate the location where the incidence happens, by dragging the icon of the map to the desired location.

Emergency Calls

If you use the “emergency call” feature: you can check, before pressing the button, that it indicates the closest city from where you are.

If the city belongs to any territory participating in the “M7 Citizen Security” program, when pressing this red button, the following will happen:

  1. In a maximum of five seconds, an “emergency call” warning will enter the control panel of the Command Unit of the Local Police.
  2. If you have properly registered and you have the location system activated, your location or the place from you are making this call will be visible in the Command Unit of the Local Police. And also your personal information will be visible, specifically those data that may be more relevant or key to provide you the best service.


Alerts and advice

Receiving alerts and advice from your locality: The Local Police of each municipality generates and sends “push alerts” with information of interest: recommendations or advicesabout the state of the roads, city emergencies, sirens, fraud or theft alerts, etc. These messages can be general or specific for a segment of the citizens: traders, age groups, professionals, etc.

It is possible that these messages come from other local departments, those which consider that have relevant information and have relation with your security and well-being and, therefore, that you receive them through this channel.

You will even have access to useful “push alerts” from other cities as soon as you are there.


Services of interest

The app has different sections with useful and updated information. As an example, the following:

Duty pharmacies

List and maps of duty pharmacies: In the section of First Aid, we have a map and the information of the nearest pharmacies within a radius of 1.5 km.

Situation and use of defibrillators

In the First Aid section we can find information on How to use a defibrillator. In case the municipality has a municipal assistance telephone number for this, it will appear in this section.


In the section Security and Citizenship, we have a section on Cybersecurity, with information, advice and a link to make a complaint of this type directly to the command center of the Local Police. If you observe or suspect a crime or you are the victim of a scam, take a picture or take a screenshot and send it to the Local Police of your territory.


My account

In this section of the APP you can customize the APP. In the section “My Favourites” will appear all the pages, previously marked as “favourite” with the star-shaped icon.

You will have a record of all the incidences you have sent, their status and response by the department that is competent in each case.

It is a quick access for you.

You can modify your data, previously provided in the register. For instance, in case of change of address, email, etc.


People who participate in the Protocol for Locating Vulnerable People have a section on Missing Persons that allows them to send a search request of another person with whom they are paired, if they believe that he or she may be at risk. For more information on the Protocol, go to the section Protocol of location of vulnerable people.

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