“I highly recommend the APP. I carry it on all my mobile devices and tablets, and I get real-time police advices.”

Citizen (through social networks)


“Having to open the Security APP to book a show is not nonsense: it reminds us that it is there, and even hides the sending of an emergency message in a critical situation. No one has to know that we are about to send a security emergency.”

Hotel front desk manager


(With password)


“It is a system that comes to add and in our case, we will help to prescribe it among our customers. It is certainly a novel service of great added value.””

Shop manager


(With password)

Local Police

“The connection between the citizen and another police citizen is now five seconds away from anywhere in the world. No intermediaries. In addition, between them, communication is bidirectional, of multiple ways and more effective. The citizen’s perception changes, it increases the “sense of security” because network cooperation, in terms of local security, is real.”

Local police intendant

"The First One Version 1.0 was the first public safety app made in Europe. It is the first cooperation experience in terms of citizen security for smartphone devices."

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