Halfway between the sea and the Pyrenees and just seventy kilometers from Barcelona, ​​Vic is an interesting city in the interior of Catalonia, which preserves the traditions and essence of the interior of the country. Throughout history, Vic has been a Roman city, home to a medieval county, capital of the Comarca de Osona and the center of an extensive bishopric. The visitor who walks through the narrow and evocative streets of the historic center is surprised by a good number of remarkable buildings of all times and styles. Its strong cultural tradition also manifests itself in the category of museums. Vic is a city rich in contrasts where tradition and modernity coexist. With more than 40,000 inhabitants, it is today a university, commercial and service center that exerts its influence in a wide territory of the center of Catalonia.

The visitor will find a network of varied, modern and quality shops and a cuisine that, in addition to the traditional dishes of the interior of the country, has distinguished itself in recent years for the innovation and excellence of its products. The economic structure is based on the commercial, service and industrial sectors with a mastery of the agri-food industry, leather and metallurgy.

Source: Town Hall of Vic

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