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The Tutor Agent, now also through the security “app”

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The Tutor Agent, the pioneerfigure of the Local Police of Esplugues who works in the prevention of risk habits, wants to reach the educational community of Esplugues by all possible means. So, in addition to accessing him by mail or by whatsapp, from this course can also be done through the Citizen Security app of Esplugues for Android and Apple. The app has incorporated a section from which the agent can be called, send emergencies (only by previously registered persons) and send incidents with option to add an image. Students, parents, and teachers can contact him.

Since 2008

The service has been running since 2008 and is personalized in Manel Muñoz, police, criminologist and mediator. In the course 2016-2017, the Tutor Agent conducted 102 interventions with a total of 220 interviewed students, as well as several talks,  attended by 810 students.

All educational and youth center in Esplugues are within reach of the service. The centers where last year took part were the followinf schools: Gras Soler, Can Vidalet, Joan Maragall, Isidre Martí, Isabel de Villena, Natzaret, Utmar and Garbí, high schools La Mallola, Severo Ochoa and Joanot Martorell and training centers Isoveri and Eugeni d’Ors.


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