Protocol of Location of Vulnerable People



Presentation of the Protocol of Location of Vulnerable People, on March 31, in the Archaeological Park of Gavà.


Those participating in the Protocol of Location of Vulnerable People have a section on Missing Persons of the app, from which you can perform a search request of another person with which you are paired, if you consider that he or she is at risk. The pairing process is done from the department of Social Welfare and Local Police in each municipality.

According to the Data Protection Official Law, it is not allowed to have the location of a person without their express will and even, in extreme cases a court order is necessary. In addition to the technical resources to make it possible.

However, in the program M7 Citizen Security, parents and guardians of minors or people with disabilities or vulnerability can request the search for these relatives, if they consider that they can be in a critical situation. They would act for them, replacing the action in the same way as a registered user when, from the Citizen Security APP, one sends an emergency message.

In any case, the position and route of the person sought will only be visible by the Police.

For more information on the Protocol, contact Social Welfare or Local Police of your municipality.

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