Seguridad Ciudadana APP M7

Not alone

It's like having a guardian angel

It is the fastest two-way communication tool with proximity police ever created.

  • Send emergencies with your geolocation from anywhere in the world.
  • Send the incidences you see in the city.
  • Receive general or personalized notices from the town you are in.
  • Adapt security to the needs of your family and friends, send a preventive alert advising whoever you want.
  • And more utilities that you don’t know …

A completely free application for you. Do it now!

What can you do with the M7 APP?

What can you do with the M7 APP?

Send an emergency to the local police in your municipality and they will send you help immediately.

Emergency calls

Call the local police or nearest city guard directly.

Envía incidencias

Envía incidencias de movilidad, infraestructuras o situaciones de riesgo, a cualquiera de los territorios adheridos al Sistema M7.

APP M7 incidencias

Schedule a preventive alert

Scroll safely by scheduling an alert that alerts the police or whoever you want.

Pharmacies on duty

Find the pharmacy on duty in your municipality or locate the closest pharmacies.

Telephone numbers of interest

Locate phones of more security forces, public administration, transport, embassies and consulted, etc.

Quick access to emergency

We have two types of widgets with which you can send an emergency much faster, without accessing the application.

Install your app and configure them!

Widgets App M7 Seguretat Ciutadana

You will be part of a citizen alliance for the security of our cities

More and more municipalities are part of the M7 System.

We are here to protect you

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