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L’Hospitalet : It is reported that based on the meteorological forecasts issued by the Meteorological Service of Catalonia and the effects that are expected to be derived, it is appropriate to put the Special Emergency Plan for wind risk in Catalonia (VENTCAT) in pre-warning phase. During today, the wind will blow north and west in the north of the country and in the extreme south. In the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees, the warning threshold will be exceeded at high and medium levels; Due to the strong wind, the danger of avalanches will increase in the Aran-Franja Norte Pallaresa and the phenomenon of the blizzard will occur. You can overcome gusts of 25 m / s. From midnight the affectation will be reduced in the western Pyrenees, but it will increase in the coast of Girona and Barcelona, ​​with the wind turning to gregal and affecting this part of the territory, not so much with exceeding maximum gusts, but with sustained gusts. The geographical distribution of the phenomenon in the warned area is local, that is, it can affect up to 30%.


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