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Civil protection tips for holidays

Sant Vicenç dels Horts : We enjoy the holidays avoiding unnecessary risks:
To the road
– Review your vehicle before starting a trip
– Relax sufficiently and do not take alcohol or other illegal substances
– Respect road signage and the maximum permitted speed. Use approved retention systems
– In the event of breakdown or accident, please mark the area and then notify
On the beach, pool or lakes
– Constantly monitor the small ones, do not freeze the floats
– Respect the meaning of the flag (green, yellow or red) and indications of the lifeguards
– Do not enter areas excluded from the public and respect hazard signs
– Alert the rescuers or 112 if someone has problems. Do not go into the water but are experts in lifeguard
In the urbanization
– Detect outputs in case of fire (street names, evacuation signals …)
– Do not fire near the forest. Barbecues must have mattresses, 3 walls and a clean environment.
– In the case of a forest fire, if there is no evacuation order, enter the house and close openings to avoid smoke
If it is very hot
– Avoid making intense physical effort in the hottest hours
– Do not leave people or animals in the car with the windows closed
– Protect yourself from the sun and hydrate often
– Special attention should be given to young children, the elderly and the people who suffer from illness
In the mountain
– Plan excursions. Check the weather forecast
– Take the appropriate footwear, clothing and material
– Bring the well-loaded mobile phone, water and food
– It is advised to inform family, friends … of the route you will take
In places with lots of people
– Take the documentation above and appropriate clothing
– If you go in groups, it is good to decide a meeting point
– Detect emergencies in case of emergency
– Identify the children with bracelets or cards with name and contact telephone number
Remember that in case of any emergency, we will always apply the PAS:
Protect, Warn (112) and Help
The unique 1 1 2 emergency telephone is used in the European Union countries.
In the event of a serious incident, you can inform yourself through the accounts of official agencies of the country where you are and communicate that you are using social networks (Facebook …)


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