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Currently, we live most of the time in a virtual world (work, relationships, etc.) and because of this, the vast majority of threats, crimes and scams are made on the Internet, from Cyberbullying to credit card scam, everything we do on the web is vulnerable. REPORT IT!

If you observe a crime on the Internet, if you are a victim of a scam, if someone gets in touch with your child using the console, TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SCREEN AND SEND IT TO THE POLICE.


A computer virus is a malicious software that alters the normal functioning of the computer without the user’s permission. Viruses can destroy data stored on the computer, although there are others which are harmless characterized by being annoying. To protect oneself from the viruses it is recommended:

– Install an antivirus

– Having file filters

– Avoid introducing removable storage media possibly infected by virus

– Do not open messages from unknown senders

– Do not open documents without making sure of the file type

– Do not install pirated software


It consists of a malicious software program that presents itself as legitimate and harmless, but when it is executed, it allows the attacker remote access to the infected computer. The term comes from the story of the Trojan Horse in Homer’s Odyssey.


SPAM or junk e-mail are unwanted messages that have not been requested by those who receive them, or emails with unknown sender. Typically, these are advertising messages sent in massive quantities. The term “spam” comes from the English during the 2nd World War when the families of soldiers sent canned food, for example canned meat (spam). The computer security experts recommend:

– Do not respond to suspicious messages

– Do not click on links to get the email out of the mailing list and thus not to receive it again

– Do not give credit card information or personal information to untrusted sites

– Avoid filling unreliable web forms

– Use filtering software or spam blocker

– Do not give the email address on online registries or ecommerce


The cyberbullying involves the use of technology to exert bullying between peers. In these cases, a minor threats, upsets or humiliates another, via the Internet, mobile, consoles, etc. This is a serious problem because of the anonymity, not to direct perception of the caused damage.

What types of ciberbullying exist? From uploading a committed image from someone else, leaving offensive comments, usurping someone else’s email password, spreading rumors or registering with their email address in order to be a victim of spam, etc.

How to prevent it? Communicate only with people you know, do not accept invitations from strangers, be careful with shared pictures and messages.

And, if it happens, save the evidence and denounce it.


The Technological Research Brigade of the Spanish National Police, classifies such crimes as:

– Against the right to privacy: revelation of secrets

– Against intellectual property

– Forgery and fraud

– Computer sabotage

– Threats and slanders

– Child pornography: producing, providing and possessing are considered offenses.

Complaint Form of the Civil Guard

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